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Friday, February 4, 2011

5 Ringgit Presentation (Motivation)

A: What can you buy with RM5 a day?

P: Lunch…

A: If I were to give you RM5 a day, can you help me to enjoy this 4 benefits?

1)      Help me to invest in our Top 100 Blue Chips Counter (Maybank, TNB...)
2)      If at anytime I were to become Disable, I want you to give me $50,000 immediately
3)      If at anytime I were to Pass Away, I want you to give my family $50,000
4)      If I were to be admitted to hospital and the bill is at anytime 50k and below, you need to pay all the bills for me

P: Of course cannotlah!

A: Why?

P: Of course with all this benefits in exchange for RM5. Where got worth it.

A: But if you are the one to give RM5 a day in exchange for all this 4 benefits, you are
     going to benefit it, right?

P: Yes!

A: Let me help you to enjoy this benefits.

(Raymond Yeap: Agency Manager (my boss) )

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