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Friday, February 4, 2011

Need to Cut Your Salary Paid, What will you do?

A         : Mr P. said, you have work in your company for a long time, 20 years and 1 day
              your boss call you and said, “Mr P. you have been working with us for a very
  long time and I need your cooperation on 1 thing.

            : As you can see our company are not doing well and we are suffering from some
              loses, so I need to cut your paid by 10%. I hope you understand.

            : Mr P. what will you do? Will your family have no food to eat and children got
              no school to go because of that?

P          : No, I guess we will still be okay. We will just have to adjust to it.

A         : What if your boss said he have got to cut your paid instead of 10% to 50%?

P          : Ooh! I will resign and look for a job.

A         : I understand. But what if your boss were to cut it by 100%, will your family suffer
              because of no income? No more food on the table, cannot paid for house

P          : Yes, I believe my family will suffer.

A         : You know, Mr P. everyday a lot of people are force to take 100% paid cut. Their
              families suffer. Cannot paid for house installment, car installment, food on their
              table. This people they have to carry on working to provide the very best for
              their family but because of death, disability and illness, they are not able to
              work anymore, thus lost all their income.

            : Mr P, when this thing happen to you and you loss 100% of your income, what
              alternative have you prepare to make sure your family will still have food on
              their table, your children still going to school?

P          : Eeh?

A         : Mr P, let me show you how I can help you to solve your problem when this
              thing happen.

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